CDT's Cast Pledge

1.     I will pay the minimum $35 audition/membership fee. Due at Audition. (Make checks to CDT)

2.     I will keep up to date with all rehearsal schedules.

3.     I will be on time or contact Ms. Kelly (815-751-6364) as soon as I know that I will be late or miss a rehearsal. (Dancers in grades 6-11 may miss only one fall term weekend rehearsal before the production, and dates must be approved.)

4.     I will attend all rehearsals properly dressed.  On weekend rehearsals, (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) I’ll wear my required CDT top or    black leotard.

5.     I will provide my own snacks or lunch for the long Saturday and Sunday rehearsals (few if any of these rehearsals will have a break for lunch). I understand that no food is allowed in the studios unless noted. In the outer rooms, all food and drink trash must be put into the proper recycling or trash containers.

6.     If I am given a costume to have altered, repaired, or embellished, I will have it completed by the Costume Parade date (TBA).

7.     If I have a prop or scenery duty, I will carry it out as instructed.

8.     I will not make hurtful comments to anyone who got a part that I wanted. Thou shalt not covet another dancer’s part!

9.     I will never post on social media anything that could compromise the self-esteem of a cast or crew member. I will not post any choreography without permission first.

10.   I will be grateful and helpful to all cast members and backstage assistants.

11.   I will talk up the production to all family and friends.

12.   I will have a great time due to my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

13.   My parents and I will sign and return the bottom portion of this (printed) form at the audition on March 12th.